Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Press release for "Taking The 25th" ISBN: 978-1483934730 by James Ryan

"Taking the 25th" is now available on AMAZON.com in both Paperback and Kindle format.
ISBN: 978-1483934730
A President going slowly but surely insane - is
that any way to run a country? Maybe not, but
what would America and its leaders do if it happened?

President Terence Emerson Grantham has it
all -- power, charisma, and boundless popularity.
And he's loyally and expertly served by
Chief of Staff John McMasters -
"Mr. Superfixer" - the most skillful, canny
operative a President ever had.

That's why McMasters and the rest of the
nation are so stymied when the President gets
odd, then weird, then downright deranged -
and the country realizes that you can't impeach
someone for being nuts.

The powers that be try every political maneuver
they can think of to get rid of the loopy chief
executive, including to invoke the
25th Amendment to the Constitution -
an involved process, but it might be the
nation's only hope as Grantham's behavior
progresses from silly to dangerous.

But the President keeps outwitting them all.
Finally a group of powerful men decide they must
assassinate Grantham - and McMasters may join them.

Just what will it
take to remove an insane
head of state -
and at what cost?